About Me:

Zach Wilson

"A Strong Athlete Is A Safe Athlete"

As a professional athlete and someone who found a passion for fitness early in life, it has made me want to share what I have learned through my experience and education with the everyone I possibly can. By incorporating fitness into my lifestyle early on in life I have experienced the athletic, physical, mental and emotional benefits of proper diet and exercise. It has become my mission and passion to help educate and motivate teens, young athletes, and adults to explore and adopt all aspects of health and fitness in their lives.


Whether the reason is to excel at a sport, lose weight, gain weight, or just feel better overall, I am here to help build healthy habits in and out of the gym.  Healthy habits that can build a structure and take with you for the rest of your life!

Whether you are doing 1 on 1 Personal Training or geting Online Coaching / Programming we will get you on the right path to reach your goals!